CypressWeddingsIdaho-37With 25 plus years of expertise and experience in special events, marketing and public relations, Cypress understands client needs and how everything and everyone works together, ensuring confidence for clients seeking the best in special events and promotions.

In 1989, Cypress Communications was created to represent clients (at all levels of an organization) and large and small for-profit and non-profit organizations with marketing, promotions, and public relations. When clients asked us to manage events and website development, we expanded our presence in Idaho communities with Cypress Events.

Since then, Cypress has juggled many projects, while working with diverse groups of people, in changing environments under tight deadlines.

Our success is based on the ability to understand the organization and its marketplace, build relationships, and motivate teams to work together to achieve success.

GIVING BACK to the communities where we do business is a core value at Cypress. We showcase this value by supporting education in Idaho, breast cancer research, access to healthcare for children, and much more.